External Jacket Lifting Tool

The external jacket lifting tool, which can be operated remotely, is designed for offshore wind turbine  jacket foundations with external lugs. It negates the need for human intervention increasing the safety and speed of jacket installation.

Click here to download the External Jacket Foundation Lifting tool brochure.

External Jacket Lifting Tool Specification

  • Lifts jacket foundations of up to 2,000t in weight
  • Designed for jacket foundations with external lugs
  • Ensures that jacket foundations are not over-stressed by temporary load cases through engagement and lifting

External Jacket Lifting Tool Features

  • Quick hook-up & release system
  • Wireless remote control
  • Fail-safe pile locking system
  • Hydraulically powered system
  • Self-contained hydraulic & electric power supply
  • Mounted with cameras for visual confirmation of engagement
  • Guides and fins aid engagement

External Jacket Lifting Tool Benefits

  • Remote operation negates the need for human intervention in hazardous zones increasing the safety and speed of jacket installation
  • Wireless remote control provide the remote operator with confirmation the tool is engaged
  • Design and operation requires no modification to the jacket design
  • No umbilical is required
  • Three mounted cameras enable the operator to position the lifting tool into jacket lugs quickly
  • Guides and fins enable the system to find its fit on the lugs for the engagement of the locking pins
  • Removes any requirement to work at height
  • Automated release

You can see Houlder’s tool in operation below lifting jacket foundations during the installation of the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC), Aberdeen Bay.

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