Flanged Jacket Lifting Tool

Houlder’s flanged jacket lifting tool can be operated remotely to engage with the underside of an offshore wind turbine foundation jacket flange. It negates the need for human intervention increasing the safety and speed of jacket installation during windfarm construction.

Click here to download the Flanged Jacket Lifting Tool Brochure. 

The flanged jacket lifting tool includes Houlder’s patent pending latch design which uses a ‘piano finger’ like configuration to distribute the loads into the flange during lifting and manoeuvring. This provides greater space and weight efficiency.

Flanged Jacket Lifting Tool Specification

  • Engages with the underside of the jacket
  • Capable of lifting a 1000t jacket
  • Total weight, including rigging, is estimated at just 25t
  • Removes temporary load cases throughout engagement and lifting operations
  • The tool will comply with all relevant design codes and standards
  • Rental and purchase options available

Flanged Jacket Lifting Tool Features

  • The tool can be operated remotely to engage with the underside of the jacket flange
  • Mounted with cameras for visual confirmation of engagement
  • Padeyes for tugger lines
  • Fails safely whilst there is load born by the tool
  • Integrated power supply and contains a secondary means of operation
  • Patent pending latch design to spread load for better weight efficiency

Flanged Jacket Lifting Tool Benefits 

  • Wireless remote control and self-engagement reduces the need for work in hazardous locations
  • Two mounted cameras enable the operator to accurately position the lifting tool into the jacket flange
  • Padeyes allow tugger lines to be attached for positioning and steering
  • Design should not require any modification to the jacket design
  • Tool height and weight have been minimised to maximise operational flexibility with regards to hook height
  • The requirement for personnel working at height prior to lifting is removed
  • Provides the remote operator with confirmation of engagement and lift safety
  • Designed to ensure that the jacket foundation is not over stressed or damaged by temporary load cases
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