Monopile Gripper Arms

Houlder has supplied two pairs of Monopile Gripper Arms that support the handling and restraint of large foundation piles during installation. The two sets operated side by side successfully on the Rampion Offshore Windfarm construction project.

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“We are delighted with the final engineered solution… Both their engineers and ours have worked in collaboration to construct this equipment to exacting standards.”
– Peter Robinson, Managing Director of MPI Offshore Ltd.

Monopile Gripper Arms Specification

  • Handles monopiles of up to 650t weight
  • Handles monopiles of up to 65m length
  • Handles monopiles of up to 7m diameter
  • Aids the installation of piles in up to 40m of water

Monopile Gripper Arms Features

  • Fitted on the deck of a nominated construction vessel in a location with sufficient space to maximise the capacity of the main crane
  • Provides lateral stability and restrain to monopiles
  • Maximum permissible load during the installation of piles is approximately 150t side load
  • Designed to withstand all forces imposed during the positioning of monopiles
  • Provides adequate lateral adjustability to ensure the pile is installed within a vertical tolerance of +/-0.25º
  • Tolerance for positioning radially in plan from consented location to be +/-1.5m
  • Designed such that it is safe as is reasonably practicable and does not present a significant risk to health or environment
  • Can be integrated with Houlder Upending Frame
  • Gripper Arm allows hammer sleeve to pass during piling by opening of jaws

Monopile Gripper Arms Benefits 

  • Proven track record of operation
  • Provides the horizontal restraint required to maintain accuracy and speed up pile installation
  • Arms require minimal deck space. They are mechanically stowed “latched” at main deck level
  • Inherently safe with fail safe hydraulics and redundancy
  • Single console on deck located on the deck for efficiency
  • Safe and easy access structures particularly on the arms
  • Maintenance friendly
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