Offshore Base Vessels

Houlder has developed a windfarm Offshore Support Base (OSB) vessel concept. The concept recreates the convenience of port facilities offshore.

Uniquely, Houlder has been able to turn to a highly stable proven hull design from its Oil & Gas heritage to deliver high crew comfort and excellent operability through stability.

Using a proven, highly stable design significantly improves comfort levels onboard for future windfarm maintenance crews. In typical North Sea crew transfer conditions, the Orelia hull design limits roll to +/- 1 degree.

Key particulars:
• LOA: 126m
• Breadth: 17.4m
• Moulded Depth: 11.25m
• Draft: 5m
• Speed: 10knts

• Windfarm Maintainers 80 (single cabin)
• Marine Crew: 27 (single cabin)

Taking Dogger Bank as an example, the vessel will stay in the windfarm continuously throughout the summer weather period. It will be re-supplied by standard supply boats. Crew and maintenance personnel can be changed out as required. During winter periods, when crew transfer becomes more challenging, returning the vessel to port on a 28 days’ cycle proves more cost effective.

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