Pile Gripper Ring

Houlder’s pile gripper ring integrates into a jacket structure and hydraulically engages with pre-installed or stabbed piles using high pressure cylinders. It grips the pile maintaining stability for subsequent installation operations such as grouting, temporary works, completions and removals. This allows an offshore jacket structure to be temporarily gripped to gain an increase in stability.

Pile Gripper Ring Specification

  • Provides a gripping force of up to 1500t ensuring on-bottom stability to jackets up to 25,000t
  • Easily integrated into the structure of an existing jacket or substructure pile sleeve design
  • Incorporates high pressure hydraulic cylinders to exert the required gripping force on the pile
  • Gripping action can be activated using an umbilical from a deck-mounted HPU, via remote control or via an ROV hot stab. Once activated, an isolation valve disconnects from the HPU
  • Ensures the jacket pile sleeve and pile structures are not overstressed by temporary excessive load cases
  • Cylinder pressure gain is staged to ensure all cylinders apply equal force up to the maximum
  • Complies with all relevant design codes and standards

Pile Gripper Ring Features

  • Hinged system to open and close around the pile
  • Available with local or wireless remote control
  • Includes pile deflector shims to ensure the cylinders are not damaged when engaging with a pile
  • Provides operator confirmation that the cylinders have engaged to the maximum force and that the isolation valve is safe to engage
  • Remains gripped for extended periods to maintain on-bottom stability
  • Integrated power supply contains a secondary means of operation

Pile Gripper Ring Benefits

  • Structures can be safely maintained in position over extended periods
  • Allows construction vessels to stand off from operation during bad weather
  • Requires minimal modification to existing jacket structure designs
  • Protects jackets and piles from excessive temporary load cases
  • Integrated power supply provides redundancy
  • Cylinders can be optimised to provide the required gripping force for jacket design
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