Pin Pile Internal Lifting Tool

Houlder’s Pin Pile Internal Lifting Tool aids the safe installation of sub-sea pin piles using the vessel’s main crane. Used from a fixed jack up or floating vessel to install pin piles into a pre-deployed pin pile template.

The internal lifting tool increases safety during installation by reducing manual intervention. It’s weight has also been minimised in order to maximise the operational flexibility of the system.

Pin Pile Internal Lifting Tool Specification

  • Mechanically engages with the inside of the pin pile using friction
  • Fitted while pile is horizontal then allows for vertical installation
  • Depending on client’s specification the weight of the tool is approximately 30t
  • Ensure that the pin pile is not overstressed for any temporary load cases throughout its operation
  • Conforms to all relevant design codes for lifting equipment
  • Rental and purchase options available

Pin Pile Internal Lifting Tool Features

  • Modular design allows for various pile sizes
  • Designed to be safely and repeatedly submerged in seawater
  • Quick hook-up & release system
  • Wireless remote control
  • Two subsea cameras enable the operator to confirm engagement (as required)
  • Integrated power supply and contains a secondary means of operation

Pin Pile Internal Lifting Tool Benefits

  • Can be easily modified to interface with other pin pile diameters as required for future projects
  • Increases safety during installation by reducing manual intervention
  • Minimised weight maximises operational flexibility
  • Provides the remote operator with confirmation lifting operation is safe to commence
  • Fails safely whilst there is load born by the tool
  • Protects the pin pile from damage that could impact performance
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