Transition Piece and Anode Cage Lifting Tool

Houlder’s transition piece and anode cage lifting tool remotely locks into the top of the transition pieces under remote control to enable them to be crane lifted safely and securely. The use of wireless remote control negates the need for human intervention and increases the speed of installation.

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Transition Piece and Anode Cage Lifting Tool Specification

  • Lifts Transition Pieces (TPs) with a weight of up to 880t
  • Lifts TP flange diameters of between 5m-6.5m
  • Conforms to all relevant design codes for lifting equipment
  • Rental and purchase options available

Transition Piece and Anode Cage Lifting Tool Features

  • Based on proven design and components
  • Integrated Anode Cage lifting and automatic release
  • Quick hook-up & release system
  • Wireless remote control
  • Fail-safe pile locking system
  • Hydraulically powered system
  • Self-contained hydraulic & electric power supply

Transition Piece and Anode Cage Lifting Tool Benefits

  • Wireless remote control for self-engagement reduces work in hazardous locations
  • Anode Cage lifting mechanism is integrated into the TP lifting tool to reduce critical path time for re-rigging
  • Does not require modification to the TP design
  • Minimised tool height and weight maximising operational flexibility with regard to hook height
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