Offshore Personnel Transfer System

Houlder’s Personnel Transfer System is designed for DP offshore support vessels. It provides an efficient and safe method of transferring people to and from offshore structures. The hydraulically operated gangway provides both active and passive vessel motion compensation – creating a secure walk to work platform in seas of up to 3m significant wave height.

Click here to download the Personnel Transfer System Data Sheet

Personnel Transfer System Key features;

  • Suitable for offshore continuous personnel transfer
  • Compensates for vessel motions in up to 3m Significant Wave Height
  • Active motion compensation for quick deployment
  • Monitored passive compensation for long operational range
  • 23m horizontal reach
  • 360° slew capability
  • Aluminium and steel structure
  • System Weight 25 tonne
  • SWL 350 kg
  • Operational temperature -20 C° to +35 C°


The Personnel Transfer System actively compensates for vessel motions during deployment. This allows for fast, accurate connection with the receiving structure or vessel. During personnel transfer the system operates in a passive stay-by mode. In this mode, system movement amplitude is monitored ready to interrupt transfer in a safe and controlled manner when safe envelope limits are reached.

Maximum Transfer Vessel Motions;

  • Heave: ±5m
  • Sway / Surge: ±1.5m
  • Roll / Pitch: ±6°
  • Yaw: ±4°


Motions are illustrated below: